We make sure manufacturers and supply chains never run out of critical parts. Our automated inventory control solutions monitor, track and trace every piece of equipment used, while providing improved visibility to procurement and spending.

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Maximize Existing Storage Space with Vertical Storage Systems

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Maximize Utilization of Existing Storage  Space 

Maintenance, repair, and operations often use vertical lifts, RFID, smart industrial vending automation to maximize space and resources, minimize loss, increase picking efficiency, reduce waste and improve productivity.  Vertical Lift technology allows organizations to control access to and track consumption and use by the employee, job number, machine number, quantity, inventory usage, point of use, what other items were checked out at the same time, etc.

Return on investment is often achieved in less than one year!

Self-Contained Units
  • Front and rear shelving trays
  • Shelf-picking elevator in-between front and rear stacks
  • Inventory has shelf ID and zone-within-shelf addresses
  • Organized with VLM software
  • Easily integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP), material requirements planning (MRP), and warehouse management systems (WMS) processes and software
Reduces Labor Expense (50+% in Most Cases)
Improve Inventory Picking Efficiency (2x-3x Often Easily Achieved)
  • Never miss a calibration deadline again
  • 24/7 traceability of inventory movement

Tier1 MRO offers inventory management solutions and project management support.
  • No need to overstock pricey inventory

  • Real time transparency
  • Eliminate wasted man-hours

  • Real time inventory level notifications
  • Evaluate a portfolio of technologies that can help efficiently manage assets.
  • Free up working capital.
  • Minimize waste streams and operating costs.
  • Improve collaboration between departments and the company and its suppliers.
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