We make sure manufacturers and supply chains never run out of critical parts. Our automated inventory control solutions monitor, track and trace every piece of equipment used, while providing improved visibility to procurement and spending.

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Simplify Complex Storeroom Inventory Processes

Tier1 MRO helps organizations evaluate inventory processes, reviewing data, labor habits, costs, tools and materials, and productivity challenges. With increasing pressure on profitability and productivity and limited time, money, and personnel to support operational goals, it is more important than ever that organizations explore ways to maximize efficiencies, productivity, and minimize waste and loss. With the significant portion of material budgets housed in storerooms, RFID and automated inventory management solutions like Intelliport can track, sense, and control through an unattended gateway with an unlimited capacity potential. Gateways track materials and automatically reorder parts, tools, and equipment, creating purchase orders and reordering consumables when stock hits predefined minimum levels. Tier1 MRO helps minimize losses, improve resource accountability, and find opportunities to increase productivity, profitability, compliance, and safety.

Tier1 MRO offers FREE assessments to prospective clients to show them where to find the money and efficiencies in their operations. After providing a “Wow!” moment, Tier1 MRO offers a list of comparables of storeroom automation systems for the client to review. Once the clients select their system of choice, Tier1 MRO can serve as a consultant or end-to-end project manager, technical support provider, and administrator.

AutoCrib Intelliport
  • Completely Automate Your Storeroom for 24/7/365 Access
  • Tag Items With RFID
    • Check-In/Check-Out Using Employee Badges
  • Track Everything
    • Employee, Job #, Machine #, Inventory Usage, etc.
    • Take Photographs Upon Entry/Exit
  • Toolroom Integration
    • Issue and Return Tooling
    • Schedule Tooling for Repair
Mobile Options
  • AutoCrib Touch Tablet
  • Scan RFID and Barcode
  • Same Great Tracking Software to Integrate
Tier1 MRO offers smart solutions for storerooms for Aircraft, Automotive, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Military MROs
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