We make sure manufacturers and supply chains never run out of critical parts. Our automated inventory control solutions monitor, track and trace every piece of equipment used, while providing improved visibility to procurement and spending.

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Autolocker: Data collected from smart systems is invaluable.

This is a Smart Locker system which is called AutoLocker(R) FX – it can be used to manage tools, PPE, Scanners, etc. It is used for items that need tracking – Tools, equipment that will be used, and reused. The etool system they are referencing was the “before state” The Smart Locker /AutoLocker FX solution was the solution that was put in place to solve the challenge/before state.

It also can be used for consumables – which are larger, expensive OR there needs to be some management and tracking of the use (to make sure you have enough on hand for the next job, as well as ensure there is an accountability measure in place for tracking the consumption to a job/work order for billing purposes).

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