We make sure manufacturers and supply chains never run out of critical parts. Our automated inventory control solutions monitor, track and trace every piece of equipment used, while providing improved visibility to procurement and spending.

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Intelliport Lite 

This is our RFID Tool Room solution. Using the Intelliport-Lite as the primary entry and exit monitoring. Each item inside the controlled space is RFID tagged – smaller items are placed in a bag/container of sorts and tools/larger reusable items are tagged individually. This allows the system – given human behavior is controlled (and they don’t place the tagged item beneath their arm to shield the item from being tracked back to them – to know who took what and when without needing a full time or even part time employee to receive the requests, find the materials/items, and then distribute them while the other employee patiently waits (down time/productivity loss/walk and wait time).

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